Danish jazz musician and composer Peter Rosendal.       

Pianist and composer Peter Rosendal was born and raised in Silkeborg, Denmark.  He attended the West Jutland Academy of Music and then the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, from which he graduated in 2006. He has released 10 CD's under his own name and was the winner of both the "Jazz Album of the Year" and  "Composer of the Year" at the Danish Music Awards in 2008, for his albums 'Tide' and 'Solo' respectively.

Peter also plays a mean trombone and has been described as "The Quentin Tarantino of Danish Jazz"
 by Denmark’s leading jazz magazine – Jazz Special.

NEW ALBUM: Old Man's Kitchen - Love For Snail (2014) 
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The artist:
Peter Rosendal has released 10 albums in his own name, with a 11th album in the making.
He was the winner of both the "Jazz Release of the Year" and DJBFA's "Composer of the Year" at the Danish Music Awards in 2008, for the albums 'Tide' and 'Solo' respectively.
Rosendal's fusion band OLD MAN'S KITCHEN was awarded by the Danish Art Council in 2012 as one of the most interesting releases that year.

Selected quotes from reviews:

"Peter Rosendal is one of those composers that inspires a kaleidoscopic explosion of thoughts, emotions, inspirations and epiphanies.  He creates music that hits both head and heart and he achieves this with methods both complex and unconventional.  His sound is very difficult to describe yet rings with an abounding clarity.  It is music that should be filed under Something Different and it is music that is as embraceable as a pop song.  He has been at it for years, and his 2014 release Love for Snail might be his best yet."
Dave Sumner Bird is the Worm

"The Quentin Tarantino of Danish Jazz"

Jazz Special (leading Danish jazz magazine)

"Not since NHØP/ Ole Kock Hansen has anyone quite like him performed and produced jazz music which embodies something unmistakably Danish, yet universally appealing"

Peter H. Larsen, 2012, Information (leading Danish newspaper)

"One of our most unique and personal talents"

Erik Bach, President of the Danish Art Council's musical art committee


"Dansk jazz' svar på filmens Quentin Tarantino?"
(Anmeldelse i Jazz Special 2012, Jakob Hassing)

"Ingen siden NHØP/ Ole Kock Hansen har som han præsteret jazzmusik,
der i sit overordnede udtryk rummer noget umiskendeligt dansk,
men som alligevel opleves som universelt" 
(Peter H Larsen 2012 Information)

"Et af vor tids mest unikke og personlige talenter"
(Erik Bach, formand for statens kunstfonds tonekunstudvalg 2007)

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